1ST QTR 2022

Manhattan's robust residential real estate market continued to flex its muscles.  Signed contracts—demand’s best indicator—bettered a record-breaking 2021, marking 2022 the strongest start to any year on record.

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2ND QTR 2021

My observations about the current market statistics:
Year-over-year comparisons must be analyzed considering that Q2 2020 were the darkest days of COVID. Showings were shut down, closings were delayed and the environment was radically different from what it is today

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3RD QTR 2021

Q3 was a record quarter driven by discounted prices, vaccine adoption, low mortgage rates, improving economic conditions, a strong stock market and overall buyer confidence.  There were 4,523 closed sales in Q3, the highest total in 32 years of tracking, more than triple the same period last year, more than 30% higher than Q2 and more than 75% higher than the same period two years ago. 


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4TH QTR 2021

The strong Fourth Quarter brought to a close one of the most robust sales and rental years in memory. There was record-setting sales volume, rising prices and sharply falling inventory. To put the closed sales numbers in further perspective beyond the matrix above, Q4 sales over the past decade averaged 2,727, which is 23% below
this year's Q4 total.

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