2ND QTR 2020

Welcome to the Second Half of 2020, and it couldn't have arrived quickly enough; surely it will be better than the first half!  Between COVID-19, social unrest, volatility in the financial markets and massive unemployment, my colleague asked me, "What else could possibly happen?"  Personally, I am grateful that we survived Q2 and for the lessons learned.

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1ST QTR 2020

A tale of two (time periods in one) City‘s market place. Same quarter, totally different vibe. January and February were the best of times, offering a continuation of the strong end to Q4 2019. And March brought the worst of times: coronavirus and a swift and abrupt reversal to the market’s early spring bounce.

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4TH QTR 2019

We've been saying for 3 years that the market shifted to a buyers market and that buyers needed to take advantage of record low interest rates, a surging stock market, strong employment numbers, rising inventories and anxious sellers.
Buyers got the message, finally, and seized their opportunity. Last month was the strongest December in many years.

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3RD QTR 2019

For the first time in a decade, prices are lower.

We've been seeing a weakening of the market for the past couple of years, with fewer closed sales, longer days on market, larger listing discounts and rising inventory.  Finally, prices are lower.  We were expecting this and have been preparing; it was only a matter of time.

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