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  • Michael Shapot, Esq.

There's No Place Like Home

I have been thinking about the significance and meaning of “home“ over these past weeks while sheltering in. The experience of working from home, hearing about friends educating their children from home, and spending extended periods inside, have all contributed to my thoughts. I have seen colleagues’ homes (as well as their children and pets) on our Zoom calls; some are very impressive and others more modest. (I am not a fan of the canned backgrounds - if I see one more Golden Gate Bridge....). My takeaway is that a home is way more than just shelter, a roof overhead, a stove and a toilet. A home is not just a place to live, but it represents our personalities and aspirations. A home should offer comfort and convenience, and come with trusted and caring neighbors, and be a positive reflection of ourselves. Clearly, as the spot where we spend so much of our time, ‘home’ has never been more important.

I have wondered what my hometown of New York City will be like post Coronavirus. The things I love about New York City, including its energy, the diversity of its people, the culture (theater, lectures, music, museums, performances, ball games, art, restaurants, shopping, US OPEN Tennis), excitement, etc. will continue to be on “pause” for a while until a new normal establishes itself. How will we travel around town? I love that many of the buses are free, and that the subways are running on their regular schedules to avoid crowding. But as the weather improves, I suspect that both my road bike and my mountain bike will get a ton of use on the lightly trafficked NYC streets.

I have no need to wonder about my City’s strength, grit and resilience. I did question whether NYC would recover after 9/11 and how. And NYC came back stronger than ever. I am reminded of how NYC thrived after the financial crisis of 2008-2010. We will emerge stronger and better than ever! I witness the heart and strength of my neighbors every evening at 7pm, when NYers lean from their windows, and emerge onto their balconies, terraces, front steps and fire escapes, to salute and applaud those that keep us safe and healthy. Cheers to the healthcare workers, grocery store workers, truck drivers, sanitation workers, transportation workers and the others who keep our City operational. I have never been more proud of my City and my neighbors.

Other, objective reasons for optimism? The trillions of dollars in government stimulus hitting bank accounts, record low interest rates and the race for a vaccine that is off and running. We feel the resulting pent-up buyer demand and supply of new listings about to hit the market, as well as the awakening of the human spirit.

Indeed, over these past weeks, The Shapot Team has been especially busy. While at home practicing social distancing, we're strategizing with buyers, virtually prepping homes for sale, submitting and responding to offers, negotiating deals, securing financing and Board approvals, and closing transactions. We have never been more innovative and our job as real estate advisors has never been more complex, challenging and rewarding. There is nothing we can't accomplish, and I can't wait to see how things turn out.

We continue to monitor the local residential real estate marketplace, and closely follow the trends. We analyze the effects our city, state, national and global economies have on our clients' collective mindset. We remain committed to answering your questions and being your resource for anything related to your home. Please be in touch via phone, email, zoom or pony express to let us know how you, your families and your work families are doing.

We wish you good health, smiles of contentment and a home life that provides pleasure, purpose and (in a good way) pride. Enjoy the rebirth of Spring!

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