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  • Michael Shapot, Esq.

Make Me Your Real Estate Broker

I want to be your real estate broker. For all of your real estate needs, and especially for anything transactional, residential and in NYC.

If you want to buy, sell or rent a residence, anywhere, I can help. Location? Price point? Property style? Doesn't matter; ask me, rely on me, trust me. In Manhattan, my Team has you covered. In the NYC Metropolitan area? I'm networked with the best agents and will recommend the right one for your particular needs. For elsewhere in the US, North America and beyond - bring it on! I can help.

If you want to buy, sell or rent a commercial space or investment property, let me know. My peeps are your peeps, and I will introduce you to the right ones.

My services extend way beyond any single transaction. Let me be your resource for anything real estate related.

Everyone always asks, "How's the market?" Up or down? Fast or slow? Hot or cold? We all live somewhere, and whether we rent and are considering moving, or whether we own and want to know how our investment is doing, ask me. Because I know, and I want to be YOUR AGENT, your resource, your Go To, the one you turn to with real estate related questions, who you can rely on, and trust.

When you're curious about which will be the next hot neighborhood, ask me.

Do you want to know how much the townhouse down the street sold for? Or how much your neighbor is asking for his apartment? Or when it came on the market and for how much? I know. Ask me. And if you're a nosey neighbor and want to see it, fun! Let's take a field trip!

Should I sell or rent out my place? Should we buy or continue renting? Sell and rent, or sell and buy something else? Is now a good time to buy an investment property? To sell an investment property? The answer to all these questions? It depends. Ask me.

Should I refinance? Ask me. Seems like a simple enough question, but the answer may be far from simple. I have the right resources to help you get the right answer for you.

Do you need a recommendation for a plumber, electrician, general contractor, tax cert attorney, insurance agent, cleaning service, property manager, audio video consultant, CPA, mover, T&E lawyer, mortgage professional, family lawyer, real estate lawyer, interior designer, architect, expeditor, window washer, wealth advisor, organizer, or you-fill-in-the-blank? I work with them daily and know the best. Let me be your resource. Ask me.

How do you get your child into the popular pre-school, or the gifted and talented program in the grammar school, or one of the specialized high schools? I know. I also know the best private school consultants and tutors. Ask me.

Who would you ask if you needed a valuation for insurance purposes? Me, I hope!

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen or bath? Or perhaps re-configuring your floorplan or buying the apartment next door? If so, how will it affect your property value? How can you invest wisely without over improving your property relative to your building or the rest of the neighborhood? I know these things. Ask me.

"What's coming in where Acme Retail used to be on Main Street? I heard it's going to be a new restaurant." Ask me, I know.

Chances are, you have a doctor, an accountant and an insurance agent. But unless you've recently moved in NYC, you aren't likely to have a NYC residential real estate broker. I WANT TO BE YOUR GUY. When you need to know what's happening in the market or the community, or if you have questions about anything real estate related, ask me. As Carol King sang, "Winter, spring, summer or fall, All you have to do is call".

Oh, and you may not have a real estate question just now, but you will. Ask me later. And perhaps you know someone who has a real estate related question. Please share my name with that friend, relative or colleague. I'll make you proud.

Thanks in advance.

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