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  • Michael Shapot, Esq.

Game Changing First Impressions

You know the expression: There's only one chance to make a good first impression. What about this one: A picture is worth tens of thousands of dollars?

Welcome to the world of NYC residential real estate, where the web sites offer unlimited pages of home photos, listing descriptions, videos and floor plans. If the buyers or their agents don't swipe in the proper direction when they see THE one (think on-line dating), they'll never visit in person. And if they do choose to go eyeball-to-real estate and the listing disappoints, you've lost.

An investment of time and money is essential to ensure a successful sale. Historically, the alternative to making the necessary out-of-pocket cash investment was an unsold home that became stale and rotten sitting on the market. We now offer an alternative.

Compass Concierge offers interest free cash advances to our clients so they can properly prep their homes for sale. Staging, for photos and for in-home visits, is no longer an up-front pain in the pocketbook. Let us put our money to work for you by paying up front for furniture rental, professional organizers, painters, handymen, carpet cleaners, window washers, cleaning services, movers and stagers. We assume the financial burden of property prep. Allow our team of trusted and seasoned professionals to transform your property from drab to fab, cozy and comfortable to market ready and attention grabbing without any out-of-pocket cash outlay by you.

Our clients have successfully used this program more than a dozen times over the past four months. See for yourself how we successfully transformed a couple of our listings. Click on the image below.

Here is a testimonial we received from a delighted client just this week:

"Who knew when I first met with you on February 22nd that there would be a signed contract with only 3 weeks of being on the market! Unimaginable! I just want to acknowledge that you and your team of professionals were critical in getting me to where I am right now. Thank you."

Allow us to fully explain this remarkable program and see how we can transform your residence into a property that stands out from the crowd and gets sold for top dollar. Especially in today's crowded marketplace, it is critical to make a supremely positive and memorable impression. This is a game changing program we're incredibly proud to offer our clients. Looks really DO matter.

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