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  • Michael Shapot, Esq.

What Extraordinary Experiences Look Like

Life changing experiences trigger residential real estate transaction. That means that buyers and sellers often have other bigger things going on in their lives. They may be overwhelmed, stressed and anxious, and the additional logistics of buying, selling, and moving may put them over the top. As real estate professionals, it is our job to remove as much stress as possible and provide our clients with extraordinary personalized real estate experiences. That is where our responsibility begins---and ends.

Ideal Extraordinary Real Estate Experiences

For Buyer:

  • Finding the needle-in-the-haystack home on the very first try

  • Negotiating a deal at least 20% below market value

  • Never worrying that the deal will explode

  • Closing on time

For Sellers:

  • Finding the one-in-a-million buyer without repairing, cleaning or staging your home

  • Negotiating a sale at least 20% above market value

  • Closing on time

Real Extraordinary Real Estate Experiences

The Empty Nester

Rachel visited two dozen homes. She finally found one she loved, but was outbid. She found a second one and was outbid again. Rachel feared she was overpaying, buying at the height of the market, and was never going to find a home.

Well, we found "the one" for her. It offered everything she wanted, though it was at the top of her budget. We encouraged her to stretch because the home was worth it, she could afford it, and prices were on the rise.

Was she delighted with her overall experience? Not so much. Did she get extraordinary real estate advice and service, and did she buy a home she loves at a fair price? Yes.

The Pregnant First Time Buyers

Tom and Rickie needed to close and move in fully before the baby arrived. We prepared and submitted the Board package with a note that the sole missing item would be emailed the following day. It was; yet management claimed to have never received it. Additionally, management requested a letter from Tom and Rickie's accountant explaining an item on last year's tax return. If was April 9, and their accountant wouldn't speak to us until after tax season, the following week.

Tom and Rickie were doubly pissed off, at everybody. Despite their frustration and anger, can we say that they received extraordinary service from us? Yes.

Divorce and the Dying Dog

You've heard of The War of the Roses? Well, George and Jenn couldn't agree on anything--staging, pricing, or negotiating strategies for their home--and they really couldn't agree on what to do with Rover, who was 18 and had one paw over the Rainbow Bridge.

We moved them forward, slowly, by explaining their options, analyzing data, discussing the likely consequences, and encouraging them to make small choices, which lead to bigger decisions. We finally closed.

Were George and Jenn happy campers? No. Did they received extraordinary real estate advice? Yes.

The Estate Sale

James was the executor of thi smother's estate. She was collector and her home needed some serious TLC before it was showable. Unfortunately, James was still grieving and needed more time. It took many months to purge the home in preparation for photos and showings, and another few months before it was priced right.

When priced correctly, there were multiple bids, and the home sold for more than the asking price. Was James thrilled with the result? Not really. Did he receive extraordinary real estate advice and service? Yes.

Extraordinary real estate advice, service, and experience will be different for all. We cannot guarantee that our clients' live are rosy, but we need to be at our best and provide excellent service, whatever the circumstances.

Best regards,


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