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"Our job is to assist Estate Administrators to sell successfully at the best possible price, with an on-time closing and the least amount of stress."

Michael Shapot, Esq.


“From the beginning of our relationship, Michael and his team demonstrated that they approached their responsibilities in a way that would relieve me of worry about missing deadlines and wasting the estate’s funds.  Another important skill was Michael's understanding that saving time was more important to me than obtaining a bit more money from the potential buyer.  He managed all activities efficiently while being a professional and charming person with whom to work.”

Joan E.

“It was not your garden variety sale: My father had recently died, I live in Colorado and the co-executors are across the country. Despite the obstacles, Michael handled the transaction seamlessly and walked me through the process in a professional and courteous manner. In addition to negotiating the sale, they referred me to our transaction attorney and even oversaw the work of two contractors in the apartment. They were in constant communication and always provided wise (and calm) counsel. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael and his team to anyone in search of first-rate real estate representation.”

Brian S.

“For me, it was a major decision overlaid with some emotion to decide to put our NY apartment on the market for sale because my mother had passed away and I had to deal with all the arduous complications of her estate. Michael and his team helped me feel more comfortable and confident about embarking upon that decision. They were an invaluable resource for finding useful ways to make the process more seamless. They gave me realistic assessments for selling a unit in our building and in a real estate market that was changing. And, of course, they assiduously attended to the marketing of our apartment that resulted in a faster-than-average sale.”

Ron G.


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