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Empty Nest?    Bring It On!


  • The kids are grown and have left the nest. 

  • The four or five bedrooms hold precious memories but that’s a lot of heating and cooling for trophies and photos.

  • The roof needs to be replaced next summer and the kitchen you renovated back in 2000 looks like it needs another facelift.

  • Spring and Summer bring the joys of planting and gardening, but pushing the lawn mower just doesn’t have the same appeal.

  • Autumn and Winter have their own special chores: raking leaves and your personal favorites, shoveling snow and clearing ice from the car.

  • And don’t forget… the plumber is on speed dial – Really?

  • You love this house. It loves you back. But those property taxes and utility bills are putting a strain on this relationship.

Is it time to pull out that brochure you got in the mail a few weeks ago, “Sunset Village – A Quiet, Tranquil Setting for Retirement”?


You cannot go quietly into the night.  The kids are gone but life is far from over; in fact it’s just beginning.  Now that four-times-a-year trip into Manhattan can be a new way of life. Instead of fighting traffic and driving through a tunnel ($12 ouch), finding that parking garage that won’t ding the car ($40 more ouch), you just stroll down the street to your favorite little restaurant and dine with the locals. The things you love to do can be steps from your Manhattan apartment home: the new exhibit at the MOMA, a boxed lunch in Central Park, shopping on Madison Avenue, a bike ride along the Hudson, and the rave-reviewed Off-Broadway show.

Move into the city?   Manhattan?


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